Sandeep Narayan

Thursday, 2019-12-12 19:00 PM - Thursday, 2019-12-12 00:00 AM
Sandeep Narayan
Navadhisa, Festival, Music, Music Festival, Flute, Flute Maestro.

Sandeep Narayan was born into a family of musicians and music lovers. A house nearly always filled with visiting musicians and students of South Indian classical (Carnatic) music, Sandeep was exposed to this ancient tradition from before he was born. Although his decision to relocate from Los Angeles to Chennai in 2006 in order to take up music as his full-time profession was unprecedented, it did not come as a shock to those who knew the extent of his passion. After undergoing his initial training in Los Angeles from his mother Smt. Shubha Narayan, Sandeep received advanced lessons from the revered musicologist Calcutta Sri K.S. Krishnamurthy in Chennai. After Sri Krishnamurthy’s demise in 1999, Sandeep began training under the well known vocalist, Sri Sanjay Subrahmanyan.

Smt. Shubha Narayan was one of the first teachers of South Indian classical (Carnatic) music in Southern California. Having trained under eminent musicians such as Thiruparkkadal Sri Srinivasa Iyengar, Thanjavur Smt. Soundaramma, and Madurai Sri Krishnan, Shubha provided Sandeep with a strong foundation. Sandeep’s father, Sri K.S. Narayan, also had training in Carnatic music as a young boy growing up in Thiruvaiyaru, an area of South India known for it’s rich musical tradition.