Isai Chemmal Awardee Sunil Gargeyan

Wednesday, 2019-12-11 14:15 PM - Wednesday, 2019-12-11 16:15 PM
Isai Chemmal Awardee Sunil Gargeyan
Navadhisa, conference, Vocal, Music, Music Festival.

I reach Sunil Gargyan’s house in Tambaram only to find that he is not there. An elderly person (his grandfather, I am told later) is not sure where he is. As we wait, his father rings up and says that his son was called on short notice by the Vivekan.

Then Sunil calls up to say he is free and can meet me before 1 pm. I reach the college by half past noon. This time, a young college student greets me. Sunil Gargyan, the upcoming vocal artiste, is a B.Com student! He smiles, and he looks like a typi.

“So, you are still a student and yet you have managed to do so much!” I begin. We decide to go to the Ramakrishna Math nearby for a better ambience.