Rising Star Awardee Rangan Brothers

Saturday, 2019-12-14 00:00 AM - Saturday, 2019-12-14 14:00 PM
Rising Star Awardee Rangan Brothers
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Raghuveer showed passion for music when he was just two years old and would join and sing at bhajan sessions while his family was living in Papua New Guinea.

He started formal Carnatic music lessons when he was four years old under the tutelage of Vijayashree Rangan, his Mother and Guru. She is a recognised Carnatic Musician, having learnt the art from Vijaya Nagarajan, a discipline of the legendary D K Pattammal. Her high proficiency as a teacher enabled Raghuveer to learn the nuances of the traditional art and sing with passion and piety.

His father, an ardent admirer of Carnatic Music, encouraged his wife and children to achieve proficiency, with rave reviews by local media.

As the family moved to Australia, Raghuveer started learning from Vasumati Subramanian (a disciple of V V Sadagopan and T R Subramanian) for about seven years.